Hello. My name is Lisa and I recently discovered that I have diabetes a condition that is considered by many incurable. It’s a struggle dealing with this fact but I still hope that sometime in the future I shall regain my health and live a diabetic free life. Several reports have linked diabetes as something to be hereditary but given my family history, this doesn’t impact me in any way. Recently I have invested more in research and I have learned some things that I never knew before.

The first thing that I learned is that thousands and millions of people around the globe suffer from the same condition. I got comfort in the fact that I’m not alone in this.

Given the fact that there is no one in my family who has ever been diagnosed with diabetes this was a new thing to me. After I was diagnosed I had to invest much of my time to research in an attempt to understand my condition. The closest thing I know to a medical background is biology classes back at high school. Getting useful information and actually understanding it was not easy.

With further research and reading, I gained progress and was now able to understand a thing or two.

I also learned that insulin is a hormone that secreted by the body and is responsible for controlling glucose levels in the body.

The worst thing about being diabetic is the meds and having to take insulin shots each and every day. In my research, I hoped to find a solution that will enable me to quit taking my meds. I came across something on the internet about insulin growth. This seemed more natural and only aimed at increasing the amount of insulin secreted by the lover naturally.

It is this knowledge that has helped me gain confidence that it is possible to get cured of diabetes 100%. To my surprise, I even realized that this could be achieved in just a few months.

Being so desperate I tried out the natural procedures and this proved to be the best thing to ever happen to my life. After going for my usual checkups my doctor was surprised by how much my condition had improved. I was in shock and I had to see the opinion of a second doctor to actually believe the results.

After being diagnosed with diabetes, not even my doctor told me that there a possibility I could get cured. Perhaps this was due to the fact that this would be bad for business and he would rather have me going for meds and tests every one month.

In my opinion pharmaceutical companies should use (insulin-like growth factor) IGF pills. This will ensure that efficient and faster results are achieved. Well, seems like this will only be a wish since there is a less likelihood that it can happen.

About the treatment:  well this treatment may not work for everyone suffering from diabetes but I stand as a living testimony that my condition got better when I focused on IGF compared to meds.

Increase in IGF production is easily achieved through a healthy balanced. This is practical and easy to adapt. Everything on the production of IGF is effective and easy to adapt. Let nothing hold you back, there is a diabetes cure.


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I Finally Reversed My Diabetes