Encyclopedia of dietary therapy for lowering blood sugar

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1. Dietary remedies for lowering blood sugar
2. Traditional Chinese Medicine Recipe for Lowering Blood Sugar
3. Folk remedies for lowering blood sugar
Second, what to eat for lowering blood sugar
Third, what can not be eaten to lower blood sugar

Encyclopedia of dietary therapy for lowering blood sugar1. Dietary remedies for lowering blood sugar

1.1. Pueraria porridge

Pueraria lobata 30g,50g of japonica rice.Slice Pueraria lobata,The starch is clarified by water mill.Soak the japonica rice overnight,Put it in a casserole with kudzu powder,Add 500ml of water,Simmer until the porridge thickens.Function to clear away heat and irritate, promote body fluid and quench thirst

1.2. Crucian carp and white lentil porridge

Crucian carp meat 200g,25g white lentils,Millet 30g,Salt and green onion are appropriate.Wash the millet and white lentils,Add an appropriate amount of water,Cook on high heat for 5 minutes,After simmering until the eighth mature,Put the crucian carp meat in,Cook until overcooked,Sprinkle a little green onion and salt.This porridge nourishes qi and nourishes yin,Can assist in the treatment of diabetes.

1.3. Banana porridge

250g banana,100 grams of rock sugar and japonica rice.Banana peeled,Cut into cubes.Wash the japonica rice,Soak in water for 2 hours,Remove and drain.Add 1000 ml of water to the pot,Add japonica rice,Bring to a boil,Then add diced bananas and rock sugar,Switch to a low heat for 30 minutes and serve.

1.4. Apple Hawthorn Juice

200 grams of apples,Wash,Chopped with skin; 50g hawthorn (pitted),Wash,Chopped.In the same household juice machine,Make a paste at high speed,Scum,Strained juice,Bring to a boil and serve.Serve sooner or later.Can calm the liver and lower blood pressure,Soften blood vessels.It is especially suitable for patients with arteriosclerosis.

2. Traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for lowering blood sugar

2.1. Fried atractylodes 20-40 grams,Fried Atractylodes 15-30 grams,30-50 grams of yam,20-40 grams of raw rehmannia,Rehmannia glutinosa 15-30 grams,Go to 15-30 grams of ginseng,Northern Adenophora 30—40 grams,Polygonatum 2()—40 grams,Schisandra 15-25 grams,Mulberry cuttlefish 10-15 grams.Decoction,2 times a day,1 dose per day. This prescription is for the treatment of weak spleen,There is a clinically effective prescription for fever-induced diabetes in the stomach.

2.2. 5 grams of plaster,Anemarrhena 2 grams,Shengdi and Dangshen each 0.6 grams,1g each of roasted licorice rootswort,Trichosanthes 0.2 grams,Coptis 0.3 grams,A little japonica rice.Made into powder,Keep in a cool place for later use.250 mg of powder per time,Add metformin hydrochloride 40 mg,Mix and apply on the umbilical cord,Cover with cotton wool,External adhesive tape for solid sealing,Change the dressing every 5-7 days,Every 6 times is a course of treatment.This prescription is an umbilical therapy prescription,Can lower blood sugar.

2.3. 30 grams of raw astragalus and raw ground each,Atractylodes 15 grams,30 grams of ginseng,15 grams of Pueraria lobata,30 grams of Salvia.1 dose a day,Decoction and take separately. This recipe is a sugar reducing recipe,Proved by pharmacological research,The six drugs in the prescription are all hypoglycemic drugs.

3. Folk remedies for lowering blood sugar

3.1. The last tea cures diabetes: experimental proof,The powdered tea contains ingredients that can lower blood sugar,So it can lower blood sugar,If you quote 4-5 times (about 200 grams) of the end tea every day,Body and mind will feel very refreshed,Energetic,Don’t worry about sugar in urine.

3.2. Potato treatment method: boil potatoes,Filter with gauze or filter,Leaving most of the starch,Condiments eaten at home,Make a soup paste for drinking.

3.3. Put a fist-sized onion head,Cut into 6 to 8 portions,Soak in wide-mouth glassware,Add a bottle of red wine (750g),After 8 days, take a small glass of wine on an empty stomach before each meal,Drink it in a week; eat it with the soaked shallots,better result.This prescription can stimulate insulin secretion and lower blood sugar.

What to eat to lower blood sugar

1. Pumpkin

Gan Wen is non-toxic,It has the effect of nourishing the middle and nourishing qiPumpkin contains fructose which can inhibit glucose absorption,Can combine with excess cholesterol in the body,Prevent high cholesterol,The effect of preventing arteriosclerosis.

2. Bitter gourd

Bitterness and coldness,Tender meat,Rich in a variety of nutrients,In particular, the high content of vitamin C ranks first among various melons.Pharmacological research found thatThe bitter melon saponins contained in bitter melon,Has a very obvious blood sugar lowering effect,Not only has insulin-like effects (hence the name of plant insulin),It also has the function of stimulating the release of insulin.

3. Lotus root

It has the functions of clearing heat and quenching thirst, cooling blood to stop bleeding, and soothing alcohol.It has the functions of invigorating the spleen and stomach, nourishing yin and blood, promoting muscle growth and stopping diarrhea.Used for upper and middle elimination diabetes,It is especially suitable for those who have both vomiting blood, epistaxis and hot shower.

4. Taro

Taro contains active ingredients such as mucin, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B1, etc.It also contains galactan,Can effectively lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

5. Onions

The most prominent effect of onions is to inhibit the rise of blood sugar.After onion can make blood sugar drop to normal, it will not drop again.

What can’t you eat to lower blood sugar

1. Persimmon

Persimmons are rich in glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc.High sugar content,Especially not suitable for people with high blood sugar.

2. Ice cream

Needless to say, everyone knows,Ice cream is very sweet,Although some ice creams have been made with less calories,But still contains a lot of sugar,People with high blood sugar should not consume it.


The taste of honey is very sweet,Mainly composed of glucose, fructose, etc.,The human body is easily absorbed,In this way, blood sugar can easily rise,For people with high blood sugar,Is very unsuitable.

4. Sweet potatoes

The sweet potato tastes sweeter,And rich in nutrition,Beloved by the public.But the latest research shows thatThe glycemic index in sweet potatoes is relatively high.The sugar content is as high as 27.7%,Not suitable for people with high blood sugar.

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