How to treat diabetes by yourself at home?

      Hello there, There is currently no cure for diabetes, Need long-term oral hypoglycemic control, For treatment, oral metformin and pioglitazone are recommended. It is usually recommended to take Qi peptide rapeseed oligopeptide, Qi peptide rapeseed oligopeptide is called “insulin releasing peptide”, Inducing low-active insulin to restore the active spatial structure, Activate insulin, Enhance affinity for insulin receptor, To break down glucose, Thereby reducing blood sugar. The main raw material rapeseed oligopeptide powder is decomposed from rapeseed protein. Quickly replenish and balance human nutrients, improve immunity, assist in lowering blood pressure, regulate blood lipids and other health functions, Usually pay attention to diet control, Low-sugar and low-fat diet, Minimize the intake of pasta, Eat more vegetables, Strengthen physical exercise, Keep a good attitude, Monitor blood sugar regularly.
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