Hypoglycemic girl with high blood sugar

       My name is Fangfang, She is a girl who loves sweets but does not like to go out. In college, I developed the habit of eating snacks in the dorm bed except for class. Working locally after graduation cannot satisfy my little wish, So I posted my resume online, through hard work, Now I am getting a white-collar office job in Huangdao District. The company is well paid, Work is also easier, After I came to Huangdao District, In addition to working hours, I basically stay at home while eating snacks, While reading a cell phone or magazine.


  Last year, I held a wedding ceremony with my boyfriend who has been in love for eight years. Soon there will be the crystallization of love. Pregnancy did not change my snacking habits, The mother at home also said, Husband also advised, But it didn’t make me shake. Four months soon, One day I came to Huangdao District Maternal and Child Family Planning Second Center on an empty stomach for Tang screening and maternity check. The doctor checked my previous inspection data, Found that fasting blood glucose has not been measured, Blood lipids are also high, Suggest that I check my blood sugar level. The test result surprised me, The blood sugar level is as high as 6. 93mmol/l, And more than 7. 0mmol/l is diabetes. After learning about my eating habits, the doctor said:“High blood sugar is very harmful to pregnant women and fetuses. Not only may pregnant women be prone to infection and high blood pressure, Polyhydramnios, Even ketoacidosis endangers the lives of mothers and children, And it may cause malformations and premature delivery to the fetus, Newborns are also prone to respiratory distress after birth, Hypoglycemia……”Hear these, I’m scared……


  The doctor suggested that I first improve it through diet and exercise therapy. First you must quit snacks, Mainly sweets, Because the sweeteners, additives, and oils are very high in content; secondly, the staple food of cereals and potatoes in the daily diet accounts for 50-60%. Proteins account for 20-25%, Fats account for 25-30%, And do housework or go for a walk.


  It’s really difficult for me to quit snacks. From the first day to the second day to the third day, I picked up the snacks and put them down many times, I was suffering and struggling, Think about your blood sugar level, Think about the baby in my belly, I tried my best to control myself. On the third night, I feel like I’m about to have snack delusions, Finally I rushed to the snacks, Grabbed a box of yolk pastry and devoured it, I feel that everything becomes better after eating……Later, I controlled myself to eat snacks every three days, Only eat one packet at a time.


  Half a month passed, When it’s time for review, I did not dare to eat fruit the day before, Not even dare to eat snacks. Came to the second center, The result of the review made me gratified——6. 0mmol/l, It is effective. It happens to be the gestational week for fetal malformation investigation, I did a color Doppler ultrasound, The results suggest that the development of fetal organs is basically normal, But it is more than 10 days older than the gestational week of menopause. I know my menstrual cycle is very accurate, I know the symptoms before ovulation, I also know the date of conception very well, Therefore, the fetus should not have the problem of early or late conception. Is it the effect of high blood sugar?I am really dumbfounded. The doctor told me that my blood sugar level is still high, Wait until 5 and a half months to do the glucose tolerance test, Such blood sugar levels will be diagnosed as gestational diabetes. The doctor comforted me and said, Most pregnant women have high blood sugar as long as they adhere to a combination of diet and exercise therapy. Can be reduced to normal levels, Especially for people like me who have no family history of diabetes, And the blood sugar level is not particularly high for pregnant women.


  When I got home, I searched a lot of cases and suggested measures about gestational diabetes from the Internet. Among them, diet and exercise therapy are the most basic and effective treatment options for diabetic patients. According to the relevant information I have consulted, I made the following plan, Persist in execution, And let my husband supervise me.


  •        Ensure regular daily life, Keep a good mood.
  •        The diet is mainly light, The diet for three meals a day is as follows: the morning accounts for 1/5 of the total meal, Coarse grain small steamed buns, boiled eggs or poached eggs, Add milk, Eat some vegetables appropriately; 2/5 at noon, Coarse grain steamed buns or high-fiber noodles, Stir-fried vegetables with appropriate amount of lean meat, Or blanch the mixed vegetable leaves, Add some soy products appropriately, With some animal-based high protein such as chickens, ducks and fish; the evening accounts for 2/5 of the total meal, Whole grains or steamed rice, A bowl of red bean porridge or millet porridge, Stir-fried vegetables with some fried meat, If there are no soy products at noon, Add a little at night; sometimes add a bag of yogurt before going to bed. Variety of vegetable varieties, More than 500g per day, The staple food of coarse grains is guaranteed to be more than 300g, Vegetable oil control 15-20g, The salt is controlled within 6g, Add ribs every weekend, Animal liver, Or seaweed soup.
  •        Make sure to do housework every day, Sweep the floor, wipe the table or go for a walk for 30 minutes, Wash clothes by hand to increase activity. Do aerobic exercise 2-3 times a week for 40 minutes, Go to places with lots of vegetation to practice aerobics or pregnant women yoga.
  •        Try not to go to the supermarket by yourself, Because the dazzling array of food in the snack area is really tempting.

  More than a month later, 26 weeks of pregnancy, I went to the hospital to do 75gOGTT, The result is very exciting: the fetal organs are well developed, Basically in line with the gestational week of menopause.


  The effort was not wasted, I always stick to my plan, Did not dare to relax his vigilance, If you’re hungry, eat tomatoes, cucumbers, apples or peaches, etc. Or add a cup of soy milk, Occasionally eat a whole grain cake.


  It was more than three months in a flash, One night I gave birth to a male baby weighing 7 kilograms smoothly. 42 days after delivery, I hold 10. The son who weighed 5 Jin came to the second center to check his body. Blood glucose result 4. 7mmol/l, All indicators of Roududu’s son are developing normally, I finally breathed a sigh of relief, The natural physiological process of pregnancy helped me get rid of the bad habit of eating snacks and not loving exercise.


  Now when I go out in the community and meet pregnant mothers, I couldn’t help but chat with them a few words, Exchange knowledge about health care during pregnancy and nutrition during pregnancy. I also established a management group for pregnant women with high blood sugar, In the group, with the success of my own experience, pregnant mothers with high blood sugar must be encouraged to live well for themselves and their babies. Insist on lowering blood sugar to the end, I made my own recommendations for the treatment of hyperglycemia, Answer some basic questions of pregnant mothers.


  Through this experience of pregnancy, Although I feel like an experience“catastrophe”general, But what is gained is eternal knowledge and physical health.








Text: Fangfang

Editor: Zhang Peishun

Review: Cui Yi

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