I heard that dieting can lower blood sugar?Is it reliable?What does the doctor say!

Original title: I heard that dieting can lower blood sugar?Is it reliable?What does the doctor say!

In the treatment of diabetes,The proportion of diet therapy is very large,And it requires long-term persistence.Some patients mistakenly believe thatDiet can lower blood sugar,The result is malnutrition,The blood sugar is getting higher and higher.and so,Regarding such rumours,The doctor is very opposed,See what they think:

In mild cases, good results can be achieved by mainly dietary therapy.Moderate and severe patients,It must also be based on diet therapy,Reasonable application of physical therapy and drug therapy.

Eating well,Oral hypoglycemic drugs or pancreatic islets can play a better effect.otherwise,Blindly rely on so-called drugs and ignore dietary therapy,It is difficult to achieve good results clinically.

Diabetes diet plan should be adjusted and flexibly controlled at any time according to the condition.Patients with weight loss can be relaxed appropriately,Ensure total heat.Obese patients must strictly control their diet,Based on a low-calorie fat diet,Lose weight.

For those treated with insulin,It should be noted that it is from 9 to 10 in the morning as appropriate,3~4 pm or extra meals before going to bed,Prevent hypoglycemia.You should also pay attention to adding staple foods or extra meals when you are doing physical labor or activities.

So is it advisable for sugar friends to help lower blood sugar by skipping meals?

Diet therapy is a very important method for diabetic patients,Must pay attention to diet to control blood sugar.

But it also caused some misunderstandings,Since eating will raise blood sugar,Then I won’t eat one or two meals,To lower blood sugar,As everyone knows,Once the blood sugar is measured,Strange,Why is it still elevated?

I often encounter some diabetic patients in clinical practice,After discovering that his blood sugar increased,Take extreme measures,Skipping meals for several consecutive meals,The blood sugar was still very high after the test,I often feel very confused.

In fact, diet therapy does not mean skipping meals,Not eating affects human body function,Also aggravated the condition of diabetes,There is even life-threatening diabetic ketoacidosis.Never take this method to treat diabetes.

Why do you say that?

When diabetic patients skip meals for several consecutive meals,In order to maintain energy supply, the human bodyWill secrete a lot of hormones that raise blood sugar (such as glucagon, adrenaline, and glucocorticoids),Decompose stored liver glycogen and muscle glycogen,It also promotes the conversion of non-sugar substances into glucose,To continuously replenish the lack of glucose in the blood.therefore,Skipping meals does not lower blood sugar,in contrast,As hunger prolonged,Instead, reactive hyperglycemia and reduced basic nutrition occurred,Body wasting,Decreased disease resistance,Easy to get infected and so on.The blood sugar goes up and down like a roller coaster.Great damage to blood vessels and nerves.

【Reminder】For fasting blood sugar higher than 11.2mmol/L patients,Not suitable for a high-carbohydrate diet,Should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.And because the absorption function of the elderly is low,Weak physique,Therefore, it is not advisable to control blood sugar too strictly.Need to control carbohydrate intake,No need to over-limit.

So the doctor recommends:

People with diabetes cannot go on a diet,It is harmful to blood sugar control but no benefit.in contrast,The diet should be nutritious,Eat more high-fiber, low-sugar foods,And to ensure the intake of calcium, selenium and other trace elements,Can promote the body’s sugar metabolism.If you have dietary problems,It is recommended to use physical sugar control methods,By adsorbing sugar molecules in food,Slow down the rise in blood sugar after meals,This method is aimed at people with high blood sugar who can’t eat enough, don’t dare to eat, are hungry for a long time, and are on a diet.Not only can effectively control blood sugar stability,It also allows patients to avoid the trouble of starvation,Friends who want to use physical sugar control methods,Scan the QR code below,Make a consultation.

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