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There is an out-of-town patient, There is no way to come to Beijing to see a doctor, He said at home, Using moxibustion, Light the moxa stick and place it on the Yishu point. Moxibustion for about 10-20 minutes each time, Just after moxibustion, I used a blood glucose meter to measure, Blood sugar dropped from a few o’clock to eight o’clock.

The old man was very excited at the time, And since then he has moxibusted this point every day, Blood sugar drops very well, And keep it very stable.

It is suggested that many diabetic patients can also use this method of moxibustion to smoke and roast the pancreas on the left and right sides to regulate their bodies. If you have a better way, You can also share it for your reference.

So how do you find this hypoglycemic point?

The pancreas transfer point is opened next to the spinous process of the 8th thoracic vertebra on the spine 1. 5-inch position, Between Geshu and Ganshu. There are soothing liver and gallbladder, Invigorate blood circulation, Nourish the pancreas and strengthen the spleen, Reconcile the effect of the stomach.

Often press and rub the Yu points, Can share part of the work for insulin.

Therapeutic method of Jiangtang acupoint:

>Use your thumb to knead the Jiangtang points vigorously for 5 minutes; knead the Ganshu and Shenshu points with your palm for 2 minutes.

>Scrap Gua Sha at Jiangtang, Pishu and Shenshu points, Every 5 minutes, 1 time a day.

>Use moxa moxibustion to lower blood sugar points, 10 to 20 minutes each time.

Tips: Moxibustion or pressing and rubbing the Yu points, Need others to operate, Can proceed, How to self-moxibustion or massage the Yishu points?

You can stimulate the Yishu acupoint by hitting the back against the wall. See the specific method below~

A great way to lower blood sugar-hit the wall with your back

In modern life, Diabetics usually use exercises such as walking, running, swimming, dancing, cycling, and Tai Chi to control their blood sugar. But these methods are often tiresome, Especially the frail elderly, May wish to use the “back hitting the wall” exercise method, Can also achieve the purpose of lowering blood sugar.

The “back hitting the wall” movement method is: the human back stands against the wall, The heel is about 10 cm away from the wall, Hold the lower abdomen with both hands superimposed, Leaning forward during exercise, When the back leaves the wall 5-10 cm, then return to hit the wall, The intensity should be moderate, About 30 collisions per minute, Generally no more than 20 minutes. After first-time exercisers perform short-term adaptive exercises, Then gradually extend the exercise time.

You can also use seats without backrests to implement a sitting “back hitting the wall” exercise, It’s easier.

As all organs of the human body, Especially the pancreas lacks sensitivity to long-term upright movement of the human body, The implementation of “back-to-wall” exercise can produce rare aerobic reverse order “lateral vibration”, Compared to walking, It is more conducive to activating the function of pancreatic β cells, Thereby enhancing the secretion and metabolism of insulin and reducing blood sugar.

Another feature of the “back hitting the wall” exercise is that it can massage a large number of meridian points near the spine. Dredge the meridians, Activate a large number of immune cells in the dormant state in the subcutaneous tissue of the back, Improve human immune function.

Note: Exercise can only play a role in auxiliary treatment, Don’t have the extravagant hope that a bump can cure diabetes, Don’t hit your back with high intensity, Excessive force is counterproductive, It’s harmful and useless.

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