Suffering from diabetes for 30 years,Realized 7 really useful sugar control techniques,Share with you

Original title: 30 years of diabetes, Realized 7 really useful sugar control techniques, Share with you

I’m1Type diabetes, It’s been 30 years since I got sick, Has gone through hardships, Stayed in the hospital, Was given a critical illness book, Until now, life is like a healthy person, Realized a lot of sugar control skills, Share with readers here.

1. Really understand the meaning of the five carriages

I deeply understand the true meaning of “five carriages”:

  • Diet control is the foundation, Reasonable collocation is the most important. Sugar people should exercise restraint in their diet, Don’t be greedy indiscriminately.
  • Exercise is effective in reducing blood sugar, Improve your own immunity. Do not be lazy with reasonable exercise, Persevere and see results.
  • Medication is fundamental, Reasonable medication is the safest. Scientifically regulate the doctor’s appointment, Don’t believe that the remedy can cure the disease.
  • Don’t forget to monitor blood sugar, Measure at the right time before and after meals. Monitor blood sugar regularly, Find the cause of blood sugar.
  • Diabetes education is the most important, Learning knowledge cannot be less. Learn a knowledge point every day, It’s terribly long-term.

Scientific management is the most important, Persevere and see results.

The “five carriages” is a life guide for diabetic patients, I use it to guide life.

2. Don’t get out of control on holiday

Now the living conditions are better, It can be said that every day is New Year and festival. Over the years, our whole family has beenWith unwritten regulations, During the New Year and the holidays, the daily diet is the same, What do you want to eat, Customs and customs remain unchanged, I don’t think it’s just making a few more dishes during the New Year. It’s very rich, Still focus on vegetables, Do it lightly, Ensure the supply of protein, fat and carbohydrates for three meals a day.

Eat as few nuts as possible, It contains high oil content, The blood sugar will rise after eating it, You can eat some melon seeds, peanuts, cashews, etc. But we must reduce the amount of staple food, Don’t hold it and eat it, Full of food, But blood sugar soared!

3. Be modest during dinners

Family and friends gathering, I master my principles. Go to a restaurant to eat, There are many kinds of dishes, Big fat, Starch thickens, There are also various additives, When I eat, I usually rinse it with water, Eat less, Some dishes are sweet, Just don’t eat it, Never overdo it.

Usually the restaurant will serve the fruit plate at the end, I will not eat, Use cucumbers and small tomatoes instead of fruits, So as not to cause a spike in blood sugar.

4. Eating at home alone

If I was the only person in the family, Then I gave up all cooking, Eat mixed vegetables. After blanching the vegetables with boiling water, Put some condiments on the cold dish, Vinegar, (add more) soy sauce, and add some sesame oil.

Eat an egg or scramble some lean meat, Or cook 12 dumplings (with vegetables and meat) made at home by no more than 13.

When hospitalized in 2012, The doctor told me: Don’t eat cooked meat sold in supermarkets. After processing, it contains sugars and additives, Have an effect on blood sugar, Especially patients with type 1 diabetes.

5. Exercise every day

Regardless of usual or holidays, I exercise no less than 11, 000 steps a day.

6. Don’t have a psychological burden

I have been sick all these years, I have no burden or pressure in my heart, Don’t treat yourself as a patient, Live like normal people. I often use my experience to enlighten the diabetes patients around me.

A colleague of mine had diabetes for 10 years before the Spring Festival, Since I don’t care about it, Diabetes has had complications, I can’t see clearly, Retinopathy is quite serious!

She is depressed, All have thoughts of committing suicide, I slowly enlighten, Tell her to pay attention to diabetes, The importance of monitoring blood sugar, She was so ignorant that she would not sterilize her insulin, And also introduced her diabetic friends, To cheer her up, I’ve been learning since the beginning, And under my guidance, I found my attending doctor to see a doctor, Hospitalized after the Spring Festival, Now the blood sugar has been controlled within the ideal range. The eyes have not undergone surgery for the time being.

help others, It also makes me happier.

7. Never forget to learn

By participating in a large-scale non-profit diabetes seminar organized by the hospital, Made me deeply aware of the danger and seriousness of diabetes, The medical records told by my friends and relatives around me are unforgettable. Appear in my mind at any time, Determined to start from me, Lead your own life with five carriages. It turns out I did it.

In addition to participating in offline learning, Will also learn diabetes knowledge on the Internet.

Hope that friends with diabetes, Cherish your life, Take every day seriously, Lead your own life with the “five carriages”, improve the quality of life, Let our lives be as colorful as normal people, Have a good time!

Author: Jing Wei

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