These 6 nutrients can not only lower blood sugar, It can also supplement the nutrients that diabetics lack

In order to lower blood sugar levels, many people with diabetesI dare not eat many things,As a result, the body is malnourished.Is there a way to get the best of both worlds?The following 6 nutrients can not only lower blood sugar,It can also supplement the nutrients that diabetics lack.Hope it will be useful to the majority of sugar friends.

1. Zinc element.

Hypoglycemic effect: stabilize the structure and function of insulin,Zinc is involved in the synthesis and secretion of insulin,Can stabilize the structure and function of insulin.The human body lacks zinc,The insulin level in the blood drops,Zinc supplementation can increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin,Reduce or delay the occurrence of diabetes complications.

Foods rich in zinc mainly include oysters, lamb, beef, buckwheat and so on.

2. Calcium element.

Hypoglycemic effect: promote the normal secretion of insulin,When blood sugar rises,Calcium transmits information to the pancreas,The pancreas begins to secrete insulin.If the body lacks calcium,Cannot complete the communication of information,Lead to abnormal insulin secretion,Increased blood sugar.

Foods rich in calcium are: kelp, green tea, dried tofu, loach, sea cucumber

3. Magnesium.

Hypoglycemic effect: promote the effect of insulin,Magnesium is the second messenger of insulin,Can promote blood sugar conversion.Magnesium deficiency will block the various effects of insulin,Interfere with normal cell metabolism.

Foods rich in magnesium include hazelnuts, buckwheat, soybeans, lotus seeds, sea cucumbers, etc.

4. Selenium

Hypoglycemic effect: anti-oxidant damage,Protect organ health,Selenium has the effect of anti-oxidative damage through glutathione peroxidase,Protect organ function,Has the promotion of growth,Protect cardiovascular and myocardial health,Relieve the toxicity of heavy metals in the body, anti-tumor and enhance immunity.

Foods rich in selenium include: dried mussels, pine mushrooms, port crabs, yellow croaker, hairtail, etc.

5. Dietary fiber

Hypoglycemic effect: slow down the absorption of glucose,Lowering blood sugar and laxative,Dietary fiber can form a network in the intestine,Hinder the contact between food and digestive juices,Slow down the intestinal absorption of glucose,Lower blood sugar,Retain and absorb moisture,Soften feces,Play a laxative effect.

Foods rich in dietary fiber include: soybeans, black beans, red beans, buckwheat, mung beans, oats, apples, etc.

6. Protein

Hypoglycemic effect: improve disease resistance of diabetic patients,When diabetic patients don’t have enough protein,There will be weight loss, anemia and weakness,Decreased disease resistance,Easily complicated by various infectious diseases.

Foods rich in protein mainly include black beans, soybeans, watermelon seeds, black-bone chicken, mung beans, chicken, and octopus.

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